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There are many today who argue that God cannot exist, or that if he does exist, he must be a monster for allowing all the evil on the earth.  This tract provides five objective proofs of God’s existence, and provides answers to difficult questions on hell and suffering.  Currently in English and French but a new Russian translation is in process and should be posted soon.  Keep checking!  This tract may be copied and printed without permission. If you translate it into other languages, please send a version to us so we can post it for others. Thank you.

    Does God exist?.pdf (English pdf)

   Dieu existe-t-il? (francais pdf French)

    Bestaat God.pdf (Nederlands pdf Dutch)

The Three Great Churches (available in six languages)

Russian (all) Три Церкви 2-2011a.pdf

Lithuanian (all)

French (all) Les Trois Grandes Eglises N small.pdf

German (chapters 1-17) Three Great Churches German 1-17.pdf

Georgian (chapters 1-19) Three Great Churches Georgian 1-19.docx

English (all) Available as an e-book for Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, or in print form from Amazon or direct from Looking Glass River Publishing. Discounts available.

Avez-vous reçu le Saint-Esprit depuis que vous avez cru ?

(Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? French version only.  By Loyd Singley)

Avez-vous reçu le Saint-Esprit depuis que vous avez cru?

Ce texte a été grandement utilisé pour apporter le baptême dans le Saint-Esprit. Cette édition française, accompagnée des éditions anglaises, russes, thaïs, sinhaleses et grégoriennes, fait monter le total des publications au nombre de 110.000.  Plusieurs églises, Hommes d’affaires du plein Evangile, et d’autres distribuent ce livre aux nouveaux convertis et aux autres personnes désireuses de recevoir la plénitude de l’Esprit de Dieu.

      Version francaise (PDF)

Why go to church?

Many today just do not understand why they should go to church, and so they don’t.  They believe in God, and try to live a good life.  They just don’t feel it is necessary to go to church. This is why the tract below was written. Feel free to download the tract below (PDF file) and print it or copy it.  We hope soon to be adding other languages (Russian, etc.).   If you translate it into other languages, please send us a PDF and/or a Word (.doc) file of your translation so we can make it available to others as well.  Thank you.

    10 reasons to go to church (PDF English):

    10 raisons (PDF Français)

Tract for Jehovah’s Witnesses

This tract is written in a friendly and non-condemning fashion to help reach those who sometimes attend Jehovah’s Witnesses gatherings but do not realize the error in it.  It concentrates on Christ’s divinity as most important while encouraging the reader to contact you if he has further questions. It is designed to be printed double-sided so that when folded, forms a 3-panel tract ready to use.

    JW tract French.pdf

    JW tract English.pdf

Protestants:  Who are they?

Evangelical Protestant churches are often confused with non-Christian cults in Eastern Europe, or are accused of having departed from true Christianity. This tract was written to address these misunderstandings. It explains what evangelical Protestants believe. It is non-denominational.  It has now been translated into nine languages:  Russian, French, Ukrainian, Georgian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian, Albanian (new!) and English. Most versions on this web page are in both PDF and Word formats.  The PDF versions are designed to print as an 8-page tract, A5, ready to use. To print it correctly, first print the page with pages 1 and 8 and then print the page with 2 and 7 on the back of that paper.  Then print the page with pages 6 and 3 and on the backside of it print pages 4 and 5. When the two sheets of paper are then placed together and folded down the middle, it will yield an 8-page booklet that reads consecutively. You may use the tract or reprint it or modify it as needed for your culture or language group.  If you translate it into another language, please send us the translation as a Word file with the necessary font(s), and if possible as a PDF file so we may provide it to others.  Click the name of the language to download that version: 

Protestant English.doc

Protestant English.pdf

Protestant French.doc

Protestant French.pdf

Protestant Russian.doc

Protestant Russian.pdf

Protestant Ukrainian.doc

Protestant Ukrainian.pdf

Protestant Georgian.doc

Protestant Georgian.pdf

Protestant Romanian.doc

Protestant Romanian.pdf

Protestant Bulgarian.doc

Protestant Bulgarian.pdf

Protestant Macedonian.doc

Protestant Macedonian.pdf

Protestant Albanian.pdf

What the Koran says about the Bible and Jesus

The Koran has several passages that support Christianity, including passages that say we should obey Jesus, that say we should read and obey the Bible, and that say that the Bible has not changed.  These are used in the tract below to lead into an explanation of the gospel, with a prayer of repentance. This tract is short enough to be done in bilingual versions on one sheet of paper, double-sided. Versions in English, Russian, Tatar, Chechen, French, Korean and Portuguese are below. It is ideal to print out, fold and give to a Muslim friend.  The advantages of a bilingual version are that a person may use the tract to study another language (English, Tatar, Chechen etc.), and it shows respect for their culture. NOTE: to fold the tract so that both the title pages for both languages show, fold it in a “Z” form.

Koran Portuguese-English.pdf

Koran Korean.pdf

Koran English-French.pdf

Koran Russian-French.pdf

Koran Russian-English.pdf

Koran Russian-Chechen.pdf

Koran Russian-Tatar.pdf

Leaflet for new believers

Oftentimes when new believers pray to accept Christ the local church has nothing to give  them to help them in their new faith.  Many of the materials for new believers are expensive, too wordy, and are often not available in isolated areas. The “Congratulations” tract below was developed to meet this need. It is in French, Russian and English. To keep costs down, the tract is just half of one sheet of paper (double-sided).   It lists the important steps that every new Christian needs to take to stay strong. The tract prints on one A4 sheet of paper, double-sided (or on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet). Each sheet of paper, when cut down the middle, yields two leaflets.  Feel free to print it out and modify it as you would like. If you translate it into other languages, please send a Word file with the appropriate font or a PDF file so we can add it.  We are looking for Ukrainian and Georgian especially.  (NOTE: Feel free to modify this tract as you would like to meet your doctrinal preferences re Calvinism or the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The current version is written for Spirit-filled free-will churches.) Click to download.

New Believer English.doc

New Believer English.pdf

New Believer French2.doc

New Believer French2.pdf

New Believer  Russian8.doc

New Believer  Russian8.pdf

The divisive question of “Jesus Only” baptism

Some Christian churches, such as United Pentecostals (UPC), Branhamite and many Apostolic churches only baptize in the name of Jesus (instead of in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as in Matt. 28:19).  Some of these churches go further and say that those who were baptized using the trinitarian formula (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) may not be saved.  They say that baptism in the name of Jesus, and only in the name of Jesus, is necessary to be saved.  A related doctrine argues that unless a person speaks in tongues, they are not saved, and will go to hell.  Most Christians, and most Pentecostals and charismatics, do not believe this is true. The tract below defends the traditional Christian point of view, and covers related issues regarding the trinity, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the gift of tongues. The tract prints  out ready-to-use as a PDF file, if it is printed double-sided and folded in the middle.  Feel free to modify the file as needed for your ministry and theological point of view.           

Oneness or Trinity.doc

Oneness or Trinity.pdf  

Oneness or Trinity Russian_WP1251.doc 

Oneness or Trinity Russian.pdf      

Victory over pornography

The widespread use of the internet has made pornography a major problem worldwide. It affects non-Christians and Christians alike in a very destructive way. The tract below was written to help believers and non-believers defeat this attack of the devil on themselves and their families, by trusting God and by using a modification of the 12-step AA program.

Victory over pornography.pdf

La victoire sur la pornographie.pdf



Does God exist?

These booklets were written for your use.  They may be printed, distributed or modified as needed without charge and without prior permission.  As a courtesy we would ask that you notify us of any publication of these tracts, by email, to the author:

Kerby Rials is a missionary to Belgium with the Assemblies of God.  He is a former newspaper reporter and a graduate of Michigan State University and Mount Hope Bible Training Institute.