Greetings from Lansing!

I am writing to you about new doors the Lord has opened to share the gospel in Europe and South America. I hope you and your church will want to be part of this!

As you may remember Sheila and I served for 25 years as missionaries in Russia and Belgium.  We are "retired-active" Michigan missionaries, still with AG World Missions. We don't get any pay, but there are ministry expenses, which is why I am writing you. It is more than we can handle alone.

(Since the Ukrainian war started I have traveled three times to Ukraine. Since we retired I also served several times in Belgium, twice in the nation of Georgia, once in Guatemala, and once in Mexico.)

Here are the partnership opportunities in order of priority:

1) Evangelistic E-book ministry in the nation of Georgia.

2) Ukrainian evangelistic and teaching outreach.

3) Spanish translation of the Three Great Churches.

Assembly of God World Missions has set up separate accounts to fund these.  I explain them each below:

Evangelistic E-book ministry in the nation of Georgia

     Billy Graham’s classic: “Peace with God”  clearly explains salvation. It is already translated into Georgian and we have permission from his publisher to post it on the 3 main e-book sites in Georgia. We previously put another great book on these sites, but Dr. Graham’s book could win even more for Christ. The gospel is poorly understood in Georgia and rarely preached with clarity; less than 2 percent of the people are evangelical. We started this ministry in partnership with two great Georgian brothers, who are ready to move ahead (https://operationworld.org/locations/georgia/).  

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The U.S. publisher (Thomas Nelson) requires $100 for permission to use this book. Also BGEA has lost the original text file so it has to be re-typed completely (about $300).  We also need to pay for marketing so that Georgians browsing the sites will see it. (Estimate: $500).  Gifts of ANY size will help. Many hands make light work!  

Evangelistic and teaching outreach to Ukrainians

     Many Ukrainians do not understand salvation, but the war has made them seek God in a new way. This is an important time. "Let us work while it is day...." Jesus said.  Less than 4 percent of Ukrainians are evangelical Christians. (https://operationworld.org/locations/ukraine/). My colleague, AG missionary John Michno, is spearheading efforts to translate my book, The Three Great Churches, into Ukrainian. The book compares Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant beliefs. It especially explains why we as protestants believe being born again is essential (and not the sacraments, etc.).  It is available in English on Amazon if you want to read it (e-book or print). It has been translated into Russian and five other languages, but the Ukrainians want their language.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  $500 has been contributed already to translate this important book. $830 more is needed, plus funds for e-book and printing.

Spanish language translation of important book

Almost half a billion people speak Spanish. Most are Catholic. The book, The Three Great Churches, helps Catholics and ex-Catholics come to a strong faith based on the Bible. It explains biblical salvation while comparing Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant beliefs, but without a judgmental tone. The Spanish translation is almost half done. Funds are needed to finish the translation, and print and market this important book. Can you help?


Click on the AGWM link below to give.


Once there, to make sure your funds go to the project you want, click on ADVANCED GIVING OPTIONS.  Then on the next screen look for the OPTIONS box, and click on the down arrow on the right of that box. There you will see at the bottom three special accounts for the e-book ministry (62), Ukrainian translation (88), and Spanish translation (68). Choose the one you want, then click ADD GIFT TO CART and follow the prompts. May God bless you for caring, praying and giving!  

MINISTRY IN TBILISI: The Lord provided!

In September I was asked to come to Tbilisi, Georgia (on the border with Russia) to teach 25 Bible students, who will reach this small nation for the Lord. I had no money to go (the class started Oct. 23) but I felt the Lord said to go, so I booked my ticket. The Lord provided, through you, all I needed. God bless you abundantly.  This work is continuing through the evangelistic e-book ministry I am partnering with Georgians to launch (described above).  

MY GIFT TO YOU: I have been writing and recording Christian music for many years.  To thank you for partnering with us in reaching the world with the good news of Jesus, I have included some of my songs (pop, rock, blues) that you can stream or download for free on the next page. Click HERE to go to that page, or on the left to see my music video based on Ps. 139.


My friend Doug Sharp, author of the book, "The Revolution Against Evolution", has been working with me to expand and develop a Christian publishing company, Looking Glass River Publishing (www.lookingglassriver.com). We are in the process of setting up a website and marketing two new books as well as others I have written. I am also helping pastor Dave Williams get his book, "Pacesetting Leadership", published in Russian.


In April 2022 I was in Poland and Ukraine to help refugees from the war.  I worked a few days at an AG-affiliated refugee center in Poland, and printed and mailed gospel tracts to all the Assembly of God national churches working with refugees in Europe.  I worked alongside AGWM missionaries Nancy Wespetal in Poland helping refugees, and shared the gospel in Lviv, Ukraine, with evangelist Nazar Spodar.


Sheila and I served as interim pastors of Oil City Assembly of God (near Mt. Pleasant MI) for seven months (until January 2021) when a pastor was found. We enjoyed this very much.  Great people.  I also served on the board of Endeavor House, a ministry to recovering addicts and alcoholics, for two years.  


I am still doing speaking when needed, especially about missions, but also as a guest speaker.


It costs nothing to pray and it results in blessings for YOU and blessings for those you pray for!


Sheila and I served as missionaries for 25 years in Russia, Belgium, and Switzerland.  We retired in 2018 from full-time Assembly of God World Missions, but are still active as the Lord provides, and are approved as AGWM missionaries with an "active-retired" status.  www.ag.org



Some of my students and me with missionary colleague Dr. Robert McKay during one of my trips to Tbilisi, Georgia.


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Video of Sheila and I ministering in Ukraine last year with colleague Nazar Spodar.

Video of my trip to Georgia and the August missions trip to Ukraine.

Georgian translation of my tract: Protestants: Who are they?